Computer Lab

We are a 35-workstation P.C. lab with Dell computers running Windows XP. Our students have one hour a week to visit the lab. 

Kindergarten, first and second graders learn a variety of programs, including math, language and word processing in room 25. 

Third, fourth and fifth graders work on math, language, word processing and typing in room 24.

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Zoo Zillions: Problem Solving & Reasoning, Number Line Concepts & Counting, Counting Money & Making Change, Addition & Subtraction Facts, Story Problems (with +,-,x, and -) and Early 3D Geometry.

Carnival Countdown: Problem Solving & Logic, Place Value (1's , 10's, and 100's), Addition & Subtraction, Sorting & Classification, Early Multiplication & Division and Equivalencies (<, >, and =).

Clifford Reading: Ideal for a pre-reader or an older child in need of remedial help. Excellent practice with letter sounds, blends, initial and ending sounds, and short words. Some games ask children to match specific sounds with their letters, while others are open-ended. The more a child plays and succeeds, the greater the program's challenges.

Concentration Games: It's practice for hand eye coordination. They are very enjoyable and work on the basic computer skills needed for our word processing and creating programs. Some of these include Toy Story, Match Game, and Pairs.

Word Munchers: This is an effective program designed to build confidence in reading, grammar, and vocabulary skills.  The objective is to move a "muncher" to the squares of a chess like board containing correct answers, and have the child "munch" the answer before being eaten by a Troggle. For younger students the Troggle eating feature can be turned off and they just click on the correct answer.

CategoriesClassification: color, shape, design, class, Grammar: naming, action, and describing words, Phonics: initial / final consonants, vowels, Vocabulary: rhyming works, Sentences: (same as grammar)and Challenge: all of the above.

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There are many wonderful programs that we can use:
Binky's Story Sequencing: (will read clips to the child if needed), Learning Planet Kindergarten (Number Train, Count your Chickens.), Learning Planet First Grade (Spacey Math), Harcourt Math (activities that go with certain chapters), Sequencing Sentences (will read the sentences to the child), Sequencing Pictures, Beginning Letters (Blends and Word Families), Beginning Letters 2 (First Letters and Word Families), Chicken Stackers (Short Vowels), Find a Word (Pounce on a word that matches the sound), Make a Word (Click on a letter that makes the word you hear) and Look Out Below (What word can you make out of a bigger word).
The Mathasaurus Series:
Dinoset 1 Activites: Match a set to a given number, match a number to a given set, create a matching set, make sets for numbers 1-10, identify which set has more and identify which set has more.
Dinoset 2 Activities: Match a set to number 11-20, match the set of number words one to ten, count by 1's 2's 5's and 10's, use less than and greater than to compare numbers and use basic addition and subtraction facts 1-10
Dinoset 3 Activities: Match number words (eleven to twenty) to a given set, matching ordinal words (first through tenth) to a given position, recognize place value in 3-digit numbers and use addition and subtraction skills.
SpaceWorms: It's Wilbur the Worm in space. Travel through space with Wilbur and play seven wacky and wonderful games. These games cover finding what's different, mouse skills, painting by number, sequencing, finding similarities, counting 1 to 10, and reasoning.

Fripple Cookies: The children will solve problems as a master chef. They will use the correct tools insequence to create a fancy cookie. A hungry fripple will eat it. A good critical thinking program.

Money Matters: This program is specifically designed to teach the value of money and its responsible use while reinforcing counting, addition and subtraction shills. There are four math-with-money activities, each teaching and reinforcing different skills.